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Afgoura Reunion Announcement

The Flyer
Official Organ of the Agoura Renaissance Faire Reunion
Pax Proboscum: peace upon your nose...

14 February, 2005 * Volume 1, Number 1

"I made my song a coat,
covered with embroideries,
out of old mythologies,
from heel to throat..."
-- WB Yeats --

Friends of Paramount Ranch Proudly Present
the 6th Annual Agoura Renaissance Faire Reunion,
Imagine A Faire

Spring Equinox, March 20, 2005, 11AM to 6PM

A wonderful opportunity looms...

The Agoura Faire site will be our canvas for an afternoon, a fantastic screen upon which we can project the rich imaginings of our inner eyes. And, as you know from your time at Faire, so many things are
possible if our visions fit together: Imagine with me; fresh front-gate banners, rippling o'er an assembled gathering of mongers and crofters, reality now merging with the mask of memory as familiar sights and sounds once again fill the crest of Finance Hill.

We could do it...

We could bring in a stage, set it up where Main Stage used to be, host some acts; we could leave Witch's Wood as a quiet area, a good place for card readings, maybe have a harper there...

Or, we could give tours! Folk who are so inclined are invited to walk the site telling tales... We could record them! share the stories...

We could come in costume, bring photo albums, piroshki, mushroom-and-cheese pies, instruments... And drums. We could do Live at Five (the original Ale Jam) at the original spot! (Irv, are you out there?)

Were you on Security? Wanna wear your tabard? So many wonderful folk have walked those dusty roads; we have a chance of bringing Mark Lewis down. It would be wonderful to have Luisa Puig there... are you out there? Will you join us? Brandon, would you like to bring the Hobby Horse? Jolly Roger, your rope? Send us a sign, some photons, and we will pass your words along in the next issue of The Flyer, or better yet, come to the meeting.

What do you want to do?

What aspect of Faire would you recreate? What do you miss? What would you most want to see again on the legendary streets of Chipping Under Oakwood?

Planning Meeting Coming Up Soon:

Thursday, February 24th, 2005, 7:30 to 10ish
At J. Paul Moore's,
6335 Farmdale Avenue, North Hollywood
818-506-0231 e/mail,

We would love to recreate as much of the ambience of the Agoura Faire as we might, and are thus inviting you to join us, to find a costume and come out and share some time with three hundred other people who know in their hearts what a Faire can be.

With the current state of Southern Faire so uncertain, our Reunion will have greater significance than ever before. Let us come together to make this an event that will foster new legends, burnish the old ones...

If you see yourself in this picture, send us some photons; or, better yet, come to the meeting.

Help Us Circulate this Flyer

If you think this is a worthwhile endeavour, please pass this flyer along to folk on your own e/mail lists. Forwards, in this case, are good.

We would especially like news of the Reunion to go to the Performers' list, Guild lists, booth owner lists, Friends of Faire, REC, The Village Coop, PlayFaire Productions, Red Barn Productions, Listserves, or any interested folk that you would like to include.

What Do We Need?

All manner of things; your good will and your vision, your desire to relive and recreate and pass along the magic that we once knew so well...

And there are practical considerations as well; what we envision will require canvas and lumber and time, and also some cash. If you can make a donation to help us cover expenses (permit, insurance, and the essential privy or privies) that would be much appreciated...

There is a PayPal option for gathering online donations; please check the website at

* * *
Many thanks for your past participation and your many warm thoughts - we hope to see you at the meeting, and at the Reunion.

Fare Ye Well,

The Friends of Paramount Ranch:

Billy Scudder (
(541) 933-1525
J. Paul Moore (
R. Merlin (

Post: we have lost a number of comrades over the years, and in their honour we will be holding our traditional memorial ceremony at 4pm on Procession Hill. Please e/mail J. Paul Moore to add a loved one to our list.

Post Post: if you would like to have your name and pic and some particulars in our Faire Directory, please respond by e/mail to Merlin.
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