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LJ primer

Hi, this is a basic primer on the *LJ* (which is what we call the LiveJournal open source code project). This system of keeping writings and images available is a bit hard at first, but well worth it for its powerful, elegant simplicity.

The way your page looks depends on the basic "Layouts" that you choose. The area under "your settings" has links which lead you into the area where you can change the color, name and general appearance of your journal. We are encouraging members to create a bio on their "User Info" page. This way we can start to build a skill bank.

The two basic functions used the most are the "Update Journal" and "recent" which allow you to update both your personal journal as well as those which are part of another community. The settings should be at the bottom of the page along with "mood" and "music" entries.

The *friends* section of "your Journal" will list all the recent entries of those people and communities you have listed as friends. It is customary to ask if the other person will "add you", the square button at the top of the "user info" page which looks like a person is the button which adds you.

The heart shaped button allows the creation of a "memories" list with keywords as the organizing principle. With this function is it possible to easily catalog those entries which interest you all over the LJ. It is also possible to build a tutorial or keep notes and venue information organized. All of these functions can have varying levels of security.
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