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Village Co-op

Thursday, July 28, 2005

12:12PM - Minneapolis co-op

_Hello, do you have any friends in the midwest? please pass this along...

This is a great opportunity in Minneapolis...

Please send this e-mail to your friends in the Twin
Cities so they can send it to their friends!

Housing co-op is looking for new members!

Home ownerhips opportunity in the middle of a vital
urban neighborhood. Full of parks, coffee shops and
great neighbors. One minute to 35W, four minutes to
Lake Harriet, 8 minutes to downtown Minneapolis, 9
minutes to uptown. Bus routes 18, 46 and 11 and many
bike paths.

Prices range from $83,500 to 137,500
Monthly charges from $750 (one bedroom) $1100 (most
three bedrooms)
No other monthly fees
$2000 to buy into the co-op plus equity investment
No closing costs

Tell Eileen that Nils referred you...

For a showing call or e-mail
Eileen Shore, Realtor
Edina Realty
612- 925-7705

Sunday, February 20, 2005

4:48PM - micro-watersheds and oil bearing trees

Yes, two of my favourite subjects together. Foodsheds and watersheds are restored together. Trees help.
Mahua treeCollapse )

7:15AM - Afgoura Reunion Announcement

The Flyer
Official Organ of the Agoura Renaissance Faire Reunion
Pax Proboscum: peace upon your nose...

14 February, 2005 * Volume 1, Number 1

"I made my song a coat,
covered with embroideries,
out of old mythologies,
from heel to throat..."
-- WB Yeats --

Friends of Paramount Ranch Proudly Present
the 6th Annual Agoura Renaissance Faire Reunion,
Imagine A Faire

Spring Equinox, March 20, 2005, 11AM to 6PM

A wonderful opportunity looms...

The Agoura Faire site will be our canvas for an afternoon, a fantastic screen upon which we can project the rich imaginings of our inner eyes. And, as you know from your time at Faire, so many things are
possible if our visions fit together: Imagine with me; fresh front-gate banners, rippling o'er an assembled gathering of mongers and crofters, reality now merging with the mask of memory as familiar sights and sounds once again fill the crest of Finance Hill.

We could do it...

We could bring in a stage, set it up where Main Stage used to be, host some acts; we could leave Witch's Wood as a quiet area, a good place for card readings, maybe have a harper there...

Or, we could give tours! Folk who are so inclined are invited to walk the site telling tales... We could record them! share the stories...

We could come in costume, bring photo albums, piroshki, mushroom-and-cheese pies, instruments... And drums. We could do Live at Five (the original Ale Jam) at the original spot! (Irv, are you out there?)

Were you on Security? Wanna wear your tabard? So many wonderful folk have walked those dusty roads; we have a chance of bringing Mark Lewis down. It would be wonderful to have Luisa Puig there... are you out there? Will you join us? Brandon, would you like to bring the Hobby Horse? Jolly Roger, your rope? Send us a sign, some photons, and we will pass your words along in the next issue of The Flyer, or better yet, come to the meeting.

What do you want to do?

What aspect of Faire would you recreate? What do you miss? What would you most want to see again on the legendary streets of Chipping Under Oakwood?

Planning Meeting Coming Up Soon:

Thursday, February 24th, 2005, 7:30 to 10ish
At J. Paul Moore's,
6335 Farmdale Avenue, North Hollywood
818-506-0231 e/mail,

We would love to recreate as much of the ambience of the Agoura Faire as we might, and are thus inviting you to join us, to find a costume and come out and share some time with three hundred other people who know in their hearts what a Faire can be.

With the current state of Southern Faire so uncertain, our Reunion will have greater significance than ever before. Let us come together to make this an event that will foster new legends, burnish the old ones...

If you see yourself in this picture, send us some photons; or, better yet, come to the meeting.

Help Us Circulate this Flyer

If you think this is a worthwhile endeavour, please pass this flyer along to folk on your own e/mail lists. Forwards, in this case, are good.

We would especially like news of the Reunion to go to the Performers' list, Guild lists, booth owner lists, Friends of Faire, REC, The Village Coop, PlayFaire Productions, Red Barn Productions, Listserves, or any interested folk that you would like to include.

What Do We Need?

All manner of things; your good will and your vision, your desire to relive and recreate and pass along the magic that we once knew so well...

And there are practical considerations as well; what we envision will require canvas and lumber and time, and also some cash. If you can make a donation to help us cover expenses (permit, insurance, and the essential privy or privies) that would be much appreciated...

There is a PayPal option for gathering online donations; please check the website at http://www.dragondance.com/faire.

* * *
Many thanks for your past participation and your many warm thoughts - we hope to see you at the meeting, and at the Reunion.

Fare Ye Well,

The Friends of Paramount Ranch:

Billy Scudder (Elfrick@Direcway.com)
(541) 933-1525
J. Paul Moore (SUPERCILIUSONE@aol.com)
R. Merlin (Myrrhlyn9@Yahoo.com)

Post: we have lost a number of comrades over the years, and in their honour we will be holding our traditional memorial ceremony at 4pm on Procession Hill. Please e/mail J. Paul Moore to add a loved one to our list.

Post Post: if you would like to have your name and pic and some particulars in our Faire Directory, please respond by e/mail to Merlin.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

10:48AM - Day Two on LJ

OK. It's getting easier. I'm trying various paths to get places. I think that's the key. It is good to know 3 million plus are already here, because I sure could not give directions. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

10:32PM - End of Day One on LJ

This Texan, lost in NYC, goes up to a little old Jewish woman and asks, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall, mam?" "Practice. Practice every day." So I'll calm down and go to sleep now. Sweet dreams to all, and to all a good night.

4:11PM - later that day

All is good, they say. So I joined the Village Coop Community and now I can't find that page again. I am also not sure if what I write can be read by anybody in that Community. Navigation still awkward. Me too, I guess.

9:43AM - LJ primer

Hi, this is a basic primer on the *LJ* (which is what we call the LiveJournal open source code project). This system of keeping writings and images available is a bit hard at first, but well worth it for its powerful, elegant simplicity.

The way your page looks depends on the basic "Layouts" that you choose. The area under "your settings" has links which lead you into the area where you can change the color, name and general appearance of your journal. We are encouraging members to create a bio on their "User Info" page. This way we can start to build a skill bank.

The two basic functions used the most are the "Update Journal" and "recent" which allow you to update both your personal journal as well as those which are part of another community. The settings should be at the bottom of the page along with "mood" and "music" entries.

The *friends* section of "your Journal" will list all the recent entries of those people and communities you have listed as friends. It is customary to ask if the other person will "add you", the square button at the top of the "user info" page which looks like a person is the button which adds you.

The heart shaped button allows the creation of a "memories" list with keywords as the organizing principle. With this function is it possible to easily catalog those entries which interest you all over the LJ. It is also possible to build a tutorial or keep notes and venue information organized. All of these functions can have varying levels of security.

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Monday, December 27, 2004

8:20PM - list of needs

In our weekly phone meeting we determined some specific tasks.


Newsletter Editor
Newsletter contributor
Office Manager
Database Manager
Venue Review
Weekly Minutes

Overall we need someone to gather a list of radio stations, TV stations and other groups we would want to contact regarding events.

Webdesign skills for someone interested in expanding and maintaining our site.

Our current intention is to develop the role of a communications coordinator, which we hope to develop into our first paid position.

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9:03AM - Posting to list

Please be sure to visit your Friends page under settings to add this community to your friends list. This way rather than simply watching the discussion you can post to the general topics area. For this you post in your journal as usual, except that you find the drop-down box which lets you select which journal you post to. You may need to expand the page with a link at the bottom to include more than the basic posting info. Once it is expanded you will also be able to list mood and music.

I am slowly archiving old writings and making them available to "friends" only.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004


Hey! ::drumroll:
I am back to work over the VCP LJ.

Here is our latest reference from Diane:

Corriganville link with the park master plan:


Tuesday, November 2, 2004

8:36AM - List of California Renaissance Faires

Here is a list which Tom posted to our Founders listserve. Some California Faires...Collapse )

8:19AM - WMA links

Here are the Western Martial Arts links from Tom for review...Collapse )

Saturday, October 30, 2004


I must be old, dense, and dumber than I used to be,'cause I'm having a hard time getting my head around how this is supposed to work . . .

so sayeth dewardh

Saturday, October 23, 2004

7:25PM - Here we go!

Hi and welcome to the Village Co-op Productions presence on Live Journal.
I am Catt Avery, one of the seven original founders of the Village Co-op. We are in the final stages of gathering our charter members and polishing off our business plan as we prepare to form the first co-operative production company devoted to the creation of outdoor entertainment and festivals. The Live Journal will be used for event development as well as for the gathering of venue information, membership ideas,talent pool and much more. Some of our postings will be the early documents and ideas of the group.